Did you know that when the year starts, teachers have already spent a lot of THEIR OWN money on classroom supplies? We’re trying to change that by compiling their wishlists so we can all help out.

Below are what teachers need to go above and beyond with your children. Please purchase what you can, even if your child doesn’t even have that particular teacher. We’re all in this together!

Music Director – Allison Tuthill

Art Director – Rebecca Maurer

Resource Specialist / Special Ed. – Fatima Rios

Kindergarten – Ms. Courtney Diedrich

Kindergarten – Ms. Sutherland

Kindergarten – Mrs. Trevino

1st Grade – Ms. Bonilla

1st Grade – Ms. Day (formerly Ms. Klein)

1st Grade – Ms. Villamarin

2nd Grade – Ms. Burt

2nd Grade – Ms. Gallo

2nd Grade – Ms. Rager

3rd Grade – Ms. Drakeford (formerly Ms. Gomez)

3rd Grade – Ms. Kang

3rd Grade – Ms. Rodriguez

4th Grade – Ms. Sarah (Feigelson)

4th Grade – Mr. Szabo

5th Grade – Ms. Amano