THANK YOU for your interest in helping the cause! Here are various ways you can help out:

  1. Join EHPA
    • We’re always looking for leaders, graphic designers, sound engineers, business owners, and anybody looking to lend a hand. Please email us at We also need parent room leaders to act as liaison between EHPA, and the individual classrooms.
  2. Help fill Teacher’s Wish Lists
    • Teachers buy a lot materials for our kids with their own money. If you think this is weird, so do we! This page shows all of the Wishlists for Elysian’s teachers, in case you wanted to help them buy something for their class.
  3. Volunteer for Yard Duty
    • Want to hang with the kids during recess and lunch? The school is always in need of parents to walk the yard, keep the peace and play!
  4. Teach a Class or Start a Club
    • Have a skill or a great lesson for the kids? You might want to teach a brief workshop during class time. The teachers would appreciate any different approaches to education! After school is also in need of weekly club leaders.
  5. Check out happenings with the community below:
    • There is a parent interested in a carpool from Highland Park. Anybody live there or on the way to/from school? Send us a message and we’ll connect you!
    • Have clothes that don’t fit your kid anymore? Need clothes for your growing kid? Are you interested in a clothes swap? Ping us at so we can gauge interest please.

Please send us an email if you want to post something for the community bulletin.