Harvest Fest Volunteering + HARVEST HOTLINE

Have a question about Harvest Fest? Call or text our new HARVEST HOTLINE at 714.576.4735.

Harvest Fest is a HUGE ENDEAVOR. We need all the help we can get so please, please, please let is know if you can spare a couple hours helping out on Saturday, October 29th by signing up on this form. THANK YOU.

Save the Date!

Please save the date for our 2022 Harvest Festival / Dia de los Muertos on:

Saturday, October 29

Please add the event to your calendar by clicking on your preferred calendar client: Google CalendarMicrosoft OutlookOffice 365 CalendarYahoo Calendar.

1st EHPA Harvest Festival / Dia De Los Muertos meeting

Our first EHPA Harvest Festival / Dia De Los Muertos meeting is on Tuesday, September 13th at 8:15am in the school garden! We have have a plan, but we need your to help execute and to spread LOVE to make the event a tremendous success. If you can’t attend the meeting, please email us to say that you still want to help. Add this meeting to Google CalendarMicrosoft OutlookOffice 365 CalendarYahoo Calendar.

Disco & Dump

Disco & Dump on Wednesday, September 14th from 7pm-10pm: All our Harvest Fest materials are in the bins in the courtyard adjacent to the garden, by the parent center. We need muscle to help take them out and organize. Why is it at night? Because it’s HAWT. Why disco? BECAUSE IT’S COMING BACK INTO STYLE! Add this to Google CalendarMicrosoft OutlookOffice 365 CalendarYahoo Calendar.

Tea with the Principal & Muffins with EHPA

On Friday September 16th, at 8:15am, EHPA will host a follow up Harvest Fest meeting along with Tea with the Principal in the school Garden. We will cover room parents and move forward with our Harvest Fest plans. Add this to Google CalendarMicrosoft OutlookOffice 365 CalendarYahoo Calendar.

PayPal Recurring Payments FIXED

THANK YOU SO MUCH for those of you that donated during Pledge Week. We will send you an update on how much was generated soon BUT for those of you that were trying to set up monthly payments, you can now using this link! If you want to set up biweekly, you’ll need to set up 2 different monthly payments, 2 weeks from each other.

It’s Pledge Week Y’all! (Well, it was in early September)

But FIRST… TAKE the pledge BEFORE you MAKE a pledge #walkingthewalk

We’ll be comin’ atcha all next week with QR codes, stickers and more on HOW you can help!

This school is human powered. Extraordinary programs require phenomenal instruction taught by the most generous humans that our kids grow to count on. That means teachers. If we lose those, our kids lose. Lucky for all of us, we have this amazing community who will not allow that to happen.

The district will cover 1/5 of one $120k full time position. We have 2.4 positions to cover any way we can.

Can we count on your support? What can you pledge to ensure that our kids have Music, Art, Theater and a robust inquiry-based instruction that equips them to become critical thinkers? Donations? Hours? Sign up with Amazon Smile? Does your workplace match donations? Please let us know what you can pledge on this quick google form (takes 68 seconds).

THANK YOU! Welcome Back BBQ + Movie Night

We sent out a thank you letter August 18th but for some reason, I can’t get it show up nicely below. Unfortunately I’m not a proper hacker. INSTEAD, click here to view it all animated: https://mailchi.mp/66357733ce7e/thank-you-from-ehpa-bbq-1st-day-photos

THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN to all those that helped with the BBQ. We see you and love you!


Elysian Heights Partners in Advocacy, (EHPA) is a nonprofit organization that supports strides in public education. To ensure the revenue not budgeted by the district, we source materials and raise and disburse funds for crucial programs, instruction, staff and school needs to best serve the students, families, and faculty of the Elysian Heights Arts Magnet.

EHPA is composed of parents, teachers, administrators, community members, corporate partners and supporters beyond our borders who are committed to capturing top quality learning opportunities for the students of EHAM, to enthusiastically support its teachers, and to the continued beautification and safety of the school and neighborhood. If you want to fight fiercely for these hard working kids and their fearless faculty and you believe this little school can make a great contribution to the community, then you should become an Elysian Heights Partner in Advocacy.